Probate Litigation in Clovis, CA

California Probate Litigation Attorneys

Planning Ahead for Your Loved Ones

Probate is the legal process of property distribution that takes place after a person has died. If a last will and testament exists, this process can be straightforward. However, if no legal will is found, the court system will manage the estate division process. They will gather personal testimonies and other information to make what they believe is a fair distribution. Disputes may arise between beneficiaries, family members and others. That’s why you need our professional legal advice and assistance.

What is Probate and Estate Litigation?

Do you have a hard time understanding what probate and estate litigation is? You’re not alone. Probate litigation helps with challenging a provision of the last will and testament. Once the facts have been presented, our professionals can help determine the exact cause of action that needs to be prosecuted or defended.
Our comprehensive understanding of how problems can occur in the probate helps to save time and expense. We will be there for every stage of the process to ensure our clients get the results they desire.

Reasons for Litigation Help

There are a plethora of reasons you may need legal advice. Each circumstance is unique, and you can trust our experts to give the proper amount of time and effort to each case.
Below are just a couple of reasons you may need litigation help:

Will or Trust Contests

Sometimes we come across a will or trust that needs to be disputed. The validity of a will or trust can be compromised by various reasons. For example, you may come across an issue with the incompetence of the deceased to draft or change the will. Cases of dementia or mental illness would be a prime example of this. Another common example would be forgery. Whatever the situation, our experienced experts can provide some relief.

Will or Trust Construction Problems

There could be many reasons to dispute the way a will was constructed. The heirs or executors or trustees could be asking the court to clarify ambiguity in the will. Sometimes the will or trust named a trustee or beneficiary who has already died. Often times, the will or trust simply fails to name an executor or trustee. If you notice any of these in a will, our team can help resolve this.

Experience You Can Trust

There are plenty of other circumstances and reasons for wanting help with probate and estate litigation. Whatever the case, you will find that we are a great source for reliable help. We have the expertise necessary to help you get everything taken care of smoothly and efficiently.