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Business - Estate - Wills Management

Estate Planning

We provide unparalleled estate planning services to help you sort through the confusion.

Business - Estate - Wills Management

Business Planning

We provide expertise in corporate and business planning.

Business - Estate - Wills Management


We ease the passing of loved ones by guiding clients through the property distribution process.

Attorneys in the Greater Fresno Area

Expert Estate Planning

Sorting through estate planning can be confusing, often leaving people with headaches. We specialize in estate planning and trust matters in the Greater Fresno Area. Our experienced staff is available to ease the burden of estate planning to ensure you get the best outcome.​

Creating a Will

Creating a will or trust is not an easy feat. There are many common pitfalls that fiduciaries fall into. With Barrus and Roberts PC, we advise our clients on the best ways to avoid these drawbacks, so they can have a trouble-free experience.

Deciphering Those Business Needs

What is the difference between a corporation and a partnership? Some of the legalities for businesses can be difficult to understand. When it comes to corporate and business planning, our expertise is unparalleled. Let us help you decide which business entity is best for your situation.

Work With Us

Our mission is to help our clients get the best help without any hassle. We always aim to exceed expectations because a satisfied client is a happy client. You can call our office, and we’ll assist with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to working with you.
“Very friendly and knowledgeable. Mr. Roberts is very easy to work with. He is honest and is upfront about all costs, and I appreciate that. He completed all my work in a timely manner.”
— Melanie Judd