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Protecting Your Family’s Future

Planning for your loved ones’ future after your death may seem like a difficult task. However, few things are as important as safeguarding your family’s future security. That’s why the caring experts at Barrus and Roberts PC provide estate planning services to people like you. We specialize in all aspects of estate law, including wills, trusts, probate and planning.

What Is Estate Planning?

Upon your death, your property will be divided among heirs, beneficiaries and lenders. Estate law is the body of federal and state statues that govern this process. These laws may also deal with property during your lifetime if you become incapacitated or otherwise unable to make your own decisions. Your estate is the sum total of your possessions, property, debts, unpaid taxes and more.

Keeping You in Control

Upon your death, if no last will is found, the court will determine the division of your property during a process called probate. The court will weigh testimonies, family needs, disputes and applicable laws to make what they consider a fair distribution. However, there is no guarantee that this settlement will follow your wishes or be in your family’s best interests. Our professional estate planning services keep you in control of this process, even after you have died.

Why You Need a Last Will

Creating a legal, binding will serves many purposes for you and your family. Not only will this document save your loved ones time, money and stress by avoiding a costly probate process, but it will also make your wishes known the court who will oversee the division of your estate. In addition, wills can minimize tax depletion of your estate, protect charitable contributions, avoid disputes among beneficiaries and identify care solutions for children who are still minors.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Filling out the Estate Planning Questionnaire can help us make informative decisions and lead to a consultation experience that is unique to you and your future. Once the questionnaire is completed, please contact us to schedule an appointment.